The designation Fellow may be conferred as an honor upon an individual who has made a distinguished contribution to the work of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Fellows will hold lifetime Individual Membership, with the privileges of such Membership, but may hold office or vote only if they are official representatives of member schools. The selection of Fellows shall follow procedures determined by the Board of Directors.

Individuals Designated as NASAD Fellows

Raymond Allen
William Barrett
George Bayliss
Johanna Branson
James A. Broderick
Lesley A. Cadman
Meredith Davis
Deborah H. Dluhy
Roger Gilmore
Sister M. Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, I.H.M.
Charles J. Hiers
Samuel Hope
Don Lagerberg
Sally McRorie
Robert Milnes
William J. Mowder
Denise Mullen
Kristi A. Nelson
Jeffrey D. Nesin
Fredrick Orth
Barbara Gillette Price
Susan King Roth
Beverly J. Seley
John Spurgin
Ken Strickland
Kathleen Wagle
Melody Weiler
Roger Williams

In Memoriam: NASAD Fellows

James M. Alexander
Paul B. Arnold
Richard F. Bach
Wilhelmus Bryan
Arland Christ-Janer
George Culler
Royal B. Farnum
Thomas Ferreira
Harry X. Ford
Guthrie Foster
Margaret Gorove
Dennison W. Griffith
Kenneth E. Hudson
Ted Klitzke
Sally C. Lawrence
William Lewis
John Lottes
Joseph McCullough
John S. McKay
Charles Meyer
Ernest Pickering
Mario Prisco
Theodore A. Randall
Harold R. Rice
Norman Rice
John H. Rogers
Edwin C. Rust
Francis A. Ruzicka
James R. Shipley
Lockwood Thompson
Dana P. Vaughn
Allen S. Weller
Eugene C. Wicks
Orville Winsand