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Art Center College of Design

1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, CA 91103.
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A free-standing college of art and design emphasizing the professional applications of each major field of study.

Date of Initial Accreditation: 9/1/1963
Year of Most Recent Comprehensive Review: 2008
Academic Year of Next Scheduled Comprehensive Review: 2018-2019

Degree Granting, WASC-SCUC, Not For Profit, Private.


Leslie D. Johnson, Executive Director of Academic Affairs
Telephone: (626) 396-4238

Degree and Program Listing

Bachelor of Science-8 terms: Entertainment Design; Environmental Design; Product Design; Transportation Design.
Bachelor of Fine Arts-8 terms: Advertising; Film (Cinematography, Directing, Editing); Fine Art; Graphic Design; Illustration (Entertainment Arts, Fine Art Painting, Illustration Design, Motion, Surface Design); Photography and Imaging.
Master of Science-4 to 6 terms: Industrial Design.
Master of Fine Arts-4 to 6 terms: Art; Film; Media Design Practices (Field, Lab).
Bachelor of Science-8 terms: Animation; Game Design; Interaction Design.
Master of Science-5 to 7 terms: Environmental Design (Furniture and Fixtures Design, Spatial Experience Design).
Master of Science-6 terms: Transportation Systems and Design.
Master of Science/Master of Business Administration-6 terms: Innovation Systems Design (Dual Degree Program with the Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University).
Master of Fine Arts-5 to 7 terms: Graphic Design.