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Paris College of Art

15 Rue Fenelon, 75010 Paris, France.
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A free-standing art and design school.

Date of Initial Accreditation: 4/1/2007
Year of Most Recent Comprehensive Review: 2018
Academic Year of Next Scheduled Comprehensive Review: 2027-2028

Degree-Granting, Non-Degree-Granting, For-Profit, Private.


Linda Jarvin, President
Telephone: +33 1-45-77-39-66

Degree and Program Listing

Certificate-1 year: Communication Design; Design Management; Fashion Design; Fine Arts; Photography.
Bachelor of Fine Arts-4 years: Communication Design; Fashion Design; Fine Arts; Illustration; Photography.
Master of Arts-1 year: Transdisciplinary New Media.
Certificate-1 year: Interior Design.
Bachelor of Fine Arts-3 years: 3-D Animation; Film Production; Filmmaking; Film/TV Screenwriting.
Bachelor of Fine Arts-3 years plus 4 summers: Film Arts (joint degree with Emerson College).
Bachelor of Fine Arts-4 years: Art History, Theory and Criticism; Interior Design (Retail and Commercial Spaces).
Master of Arts-1 year: Design for Social Impact; Drawing; Fashion Design; Fashion Film and Photography; Film Production; Filmmaking; Film/TV Screenwriting; Interior Design; Photography and Image-Making.
Master of Fine Arts-2 years: 3-D Animation; Drawing; Photography and Image-Making; Transdisciplinary New Media.