Archive: NASAD Handbooks

Past NASAD Handbooks, Addenda, and Approved Changes


These archive files are intended for research purposes only. The official standards in effect are those published in the latest edition of the NASAD Handbook and any current Handbook Addenda.

This section archives past NASAD Handbooks and documents changes since 2001.

Prior to 2008, NASAD Handbooks were published biennially, with an addendum produced in interim years. In November 2008, NASAD began publishing its Handbook electronically on an annual basis. Approved revisions were then published immediately pursuant to Annual Meetings to serve as documentation of ratified changes to the Handbook during the specified period, and as an addendum for use pending publication of the next edition incorporating those changes.

Digital copies of Handbooks prior to the 2003-04 edition are not available. All documents listed below are downloadable in PDF format only.

Past Editions of the Handbook

Addenda and Approved Revisions