Commission on Accreditation

Contact with the Commission on Accreditation should be made through the NASAD National Office.

The Commission on Accreditation consists of a Chair, ten delegate members, and two at-large members, all elected by the membership at large, and two Public Members. With the exception of the Public Members, each Commission member must have experience as a visiting evaluator. With the exception of the Public Members, the Commission is to be appropriately balanced to represent a variety of backgrounds and perspectives in the visual arts.

The duties of the Commission are to apply the accreditation and Membership standards of the Association for institutions and programs. The Commission receives applications and determines the qualifications of institutions seeking Membership and, after thorough examination in accordance with Association procedures, takes action on behalf of the Association. The Commission also has the power to investigate the maintenance of standards and the observance of published commitments in any member institution under its jurisdiction.

NASAD Commission on Accreditation 2023-2024:

Jennifer Krantz, Chair (2026)
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Kate Bukoski (2026)
East Carolina University

Marie Bukowski (2026)
Wichita State University

Jade Jewett (2025)
California State University, Fullerton

Carlyle D. Johnson (2026)
Tennessee State University

Barbara JK Nwacha (2024)
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Position TBD

Rod Parker (2025)
Louisiana State University

Jack Risley (2024)
Washington University of St. Louis

Robert V. Robbins (2026)
Miami University

James Sullivan (2024)
Southern Methodist University

William Wightman (2024)
James Madison University

Paige Williams (2025)
Art Academy of Cincinnati

Public Members:

Diana H. Mutz
Indianapolis, IN

Fran Tucker
Herdon, VA