Board of Directors

Contact with the Board of Directors should be made through the NASAD National Office.

The Board of Directors is composed of the Officers, the Immediate Past President, the Chair of the Commission on Accreditation, six Directors and two Public Members. With the exception of the Public Members, the Board is appropriately balanced to represent a variety of art/design backgrounds and perspectives. The Executive Director is an ex officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall:

  • Exercise the various responsibilities of the Board as stipulated in the Bylaws.
  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee in its jurisdiction over and responsibility for the executive functions of the Association.
  • Review the annual report of the Association’s financial position as prepared by the Association’s official auditors.
  • Establish Association dues and fees.
  • Establish and revise Part I of the Rules of Practice and Procedure in the NASAD Handbook following consultation with accredited institutional members.
  • Address the needs of the membership, recognizing the diversity as well as the common basic purposes of all member institutions.
  • Review and, as appropriate, act on proposals presented by any ad hoc committees established by the Board to address issues that the Bylaws indicate are under the authority of the Board.
  • Act on requests for affiliation from professional organizations as outlined in Article I., Section 6. of the Bylaws.

NASAD Board of Directors 2022-2023:

Greg Watts, President (2023)
Cleveland Institute of Art

Vice President

Kate Bonansinga, Treasurer (2024)
University of Cincinnati

Judy Bullington, Secretary pro tempore (2023)
Belmont University

Matt Greenwell, Chair, Commission on Accreditation (2023)
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Jeffrey Bellantoni, Member (2023)
Woodbury University

Susan E. Cahan, Member (2025)
Temple University

Dana ClancyMember (2025)
Boston University

Beth Elicker, Member (2024)
Maine College of Art and Design

Chris Garvin, Member (2023)
University of South Florida

Member (Vacant)

Karen P. Moynahan, Executive Director, ex officio

Public Members:

Diana H. Mutz
Indianapolis, IN

Wendy Nilsson
Minneapolis, MN