Karen P. Moynahan

Executive Director, NASAD
(Executive Committee; Board of Directors; Finance Committee; Recorder, Commission on Accreditation;
Recorder, Committee on Ethics)

Appointed to NASAD Staff 1981; Appointed Executive Director 2014

The Executive Director is the chief staff officer of the Association, administers its National Office, and oversees the implementation of its policies and procedures. Immediately prior to her NASAD appointment, Ms. Moynahan held a teaching position in the Virginia Public School System.

Karen Moynahan is also Executive Director of the National Association of Schools of Music, the National Association of Schools of Theatre, the National Association of Schools of Dance, Higher Education Arts Data Services, and the Council of Arts Accrediting Associations. Ms. Moynahan served as a member of the Mundus Musicalis project and has served as a consultant to various organizations, projects, and institutions. Karen Moynahan earned the Master of Business Administration degree from Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree from Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana.
Posted January 2014