Seda McKilligan

Member, NASAD Board of Directors
Elected October 2023, term ends October 2024

Seda McKilligan currently serves as the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Personnel Success and Strategic Initiatives at Iowa State University’s College of Design. She has also held roles including Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Interim Department Chair of Industrial Design. Her academic pursuits span diverse domains in design, such as design methodologies, ideation processes, ethnographic practices, innovation foundations, and cross-disciplinary team dynamics, often involving collaborative ventures across engineering, education, industrial design, and psychology. Senior Associate Dean McKilligan has spearheaded collaborative cross-disciplinary projects, secured multi-university grants, and championed progressive curricular developments.

Senior Associate Dean McKilligan has published over eighty articles in journals including Design Studies, Design Science, and Co-Design. She regularly lends her expertise as a reviewer, advisor, and scientific contributor to conferences and journals.

Senior Associate Dean McKilligan serves NASAD as a visiting evaluator.

Senior Associate Dean McKilligan holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Design Science and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan, as well as a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree from Middle East Technical University in Turkey.

Posted November 2023