Committee on Nominations

Contact with the Committee on Nominations should be made through the NASAD National Office.

The Committee on Nominations consists of five persons selected each year from the institutional representatives to the Association, including a Chair and four members. The Chair and two members are appointed by the Board of Directors; two members are elected by the membership at large. The Committee nominates Association officers, the Commission Chair, Commission members, members of the Committee on Nominations, and the Chair of the Committee on Ethics as appropriate. Members of the Committee on Nominations are ineligible for nomination to elected office by the Committee on which they are serving.

NASAD Committee on Nominations 2017-2018:

Lydia C. Thompson, Chair (2018)
Texas Tech University

Jennifer Rissler (2018)
San Francisco Art Institute

Arne Flaten (2019)
Ball State University

Dominick Tracy (2018)
California College of the Arts

Grafton Nunes (2019)
Cleveland Institute of Art