Committee on Ethics

Contact with the Committee on Ethics should be made through the NASAD National Office.

The Committee on Ethics consists of a Chair and two members, each of whom serve three-year terms. The Chair is elected by the membership. The two members are appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Committee on Ethics acts upon all questions regarding any violations and penalties for violations of any article of the Code of Ethics by members of the Association. Before any final action or penalty can be imposed upon a member, the action of the Committee on Ethics must be approved by the Commission on Accreditation.

The infraction of any article of the Code of Ethics is reported to the Executive Director, such report including specific charges and evidence in support thereof. The Executive Director then follows the Procedures for Reviewing Complaints Directed Against Member Institutions of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, found in the NASAD Handbook.


Susanne Floyd Gunter, Chair (2025)
Converse University

Charles E. Boone (reappointment 2026)
College of Du Page

Gina Moore (2024)
Benedict College