Non-Accredited Institutional Affiliation

Non-Accredited Institutional Affiliates are postsecondary national and international institutions offering programs in the visual arts and/or design. Affiliates have satisfied appropriate fee requirements. Affiliates do not hold accreditation. Non-Accredited Institutional Affiliates hold no voting rights within the Association.

Institutions located within the United States may volunteer to submit accreditation applications if desired. International institutions are not eligible for accreditation but may submit applications for Substantial Equivalency. Further information may be found under Accreditation and Substantial Equivalency.

For a list of non-accredited institutional affiliates, see the Directory Lists.

Dues and Fees

Non-Accredited Institutional Affiliates are invoiced annually on the first day of July.

Non-Accredited Institutional Affiliate dues for 2023-2024 are $1,058.00.

There is no application fee.

Become a Non-Accredited Institutional Affiliate

Please contact the National Office for further information.