Substantial Equivalency

Reviews of art and design programs leading to degrees and other credentials at all levels are conducted by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) upon request by institutions outside the United States and its territories. While these reviews follow evaluative policies and procedures used for accreditation, no accreditation action is taken, nor is there any inference that a program is undergoing an accreditation review or will be accredited as a result of such review. The activity is a process in which NASAD, through selected representatives, conducts a program review which may lead to an assessment of substantial equivalency of the program under review with accredited programs in the United States.

Substantial equivalency refers only to educational programs, including all resources associated with the delivery of educational programs, and means comparable in program content and educational experience. However, such programs may not be absolutely identical in format or method of delivery. It implies reasonable confidence that graduates possess the competencies expected of those holding particular U.S. degrees and credentials, or needed to begin professional practice at the entry level.

Substantial equivalency does not indicate equivalency in matters of institutional organization, governance, and other operational matters. All issues considered are associated with program reviews.

Further information regarding Substantial Equivalency evaluations can be found in the document below.

Substantial Equivalency Fees

It is NASAD policy that the “substantially equivalent” review process will be self-sustaining financially from fees charged to the requesting institution; no NASAD funds will be used to support this operation. The fee schedule for international visits is subject to changes reflected in economic conditions. The fee schedule also covers annual expenses related to the maintenance and upkeep of the administrative process that supports “substantially equivalent” programs.

To comply with U.S. Internal Revenue Service laws, all payments shall be made to NASAD in US currency which will, in turn, be used to reimburse on-site reviewers for travel expenses and pay honoraria. NASAD will issue IRS Form 1099 to all reviewers receiving honoraria as appropriate.

On-Site Visit Fees

The following fees and expenses normally will apply to all international visits and are the responsibility of the host institution:

  1. Travel and associated expenses for all reviewers and staff (if attending), including air fare at the business-class level with the exception of visits to Canada and Mexico. As for travel within the United States, air travel to Canada and Mexico shall be booked at coach class. Ground transportation, such as railroad, will be first-class.
  2. An honorarium of US $1,000 per reviewer and US $1,500 for the team chair. NASAD staff, if any, involved in “substantial equivalency” reviews, will receive no honorarium.
  3. An administrative fee, to be set by the NASAD National Office staff and confirmed to the host institution, sufficient to cover all reasonable direct and indirect costs of the visit, including translation expenses, with a floor of US $1,000 per reviewer, not including staff. The total fees charged to the host institution will not exceed US $7,500.
  4. All housing, meals, transportation and incidentals, such as the cost of visas.

Substantial Equivalency Annual Maintenance Fee

For 2018-2019, a fee of US $1,728 per institution is required to cover expenses related to the continuing maintenance of “substantially equivalent” data files, review of institutional materials, and the publication and distribution of an annual listing of “substantially equivalent” programs. Institutions will be billed annually by NASAD. Fees will rise each year by the same percentage as institutional dues for NASAD accredited member institutions.

Consultative Assistance

Apart from “substantial equivalency” reviews, and on occasion, NASAD is requested to provide one or more consultants to conduct seminars, provide general information on accreditation, and offer other similar services. In such cases, it is NASAD policy to charge a fee of US $800 per day per consultant ($750 for the consultant, $50 National Office administrative fee), plus travel expenses for the consultant(s). Consultant visits will follow typical NASAD procedures for such visits. All requirements regarding travel and insurance for reviewers described herein apply as well to NASAD consultants.