Commission Action Report

The Commission on Accreditation meets semi-annually in April and October to review application materials, all supporting documentation, Visitors’ Reports, and Optional Responses.

Following the meetings, a written hard-copy letter describing Commission action based on the application materials — 1) the institution’s Self-Study, 2) the Visitors’ Report and, if applicable, 3) the institution’s Optional Response — is transmitted to the art/design executive (NASAD Institutional Representative) and to the chief executive officer of the applicant institution within thirty (30) days of a Commission meeting. The letter of transmittal, known as the Commission Action Report, will contain a clear statement of the accreditation action. The Commission Action Report may also contain recommendations, however, the text of this communication distinguishes between accreditation actions and other matters, such as recommendations and commendations.

Following the completion of an accreditation Commission meeting, the Association also publishes a summary of actions of the Commission in the Report of the Commissions. Listings of NASAD members are published on the NASAD website, including specific information about each accredited institution, under Directory Lists. The listing in the Report of the Commissions contains only the actions of the Commission and only the institutions by name approved for Associate Membership, Membership, renewal of Membership, placed on probation, revoked, and those that have resigned from membership. The Directory Lists provide additional information including name and address; membership status; dates for 1) first year of Associate Membership/Membership, 2) last visit, and 3) next visit; statement of institutional characteristics; name of administrator(s); email and telephone and/or facsimile numbers; and NASAD approved degrees and programs.

Frequently Asked Questions: Commission Action Reports

Is the Commission Action Report made public?

No, unless the action of the Commission is to place an institution on probation or to revoke accreditation. Otherwise, the only distribution beyond the addressee is to the institution’s president, and individuals designated by the institution. All NASAD staff and volunteers are obliged to maintain confidentiality.

May we publish the Commission Action Report?

Yes, but only in its entirety.

The NASAD Executive Director signs the Commission Action Report. Did the staff make the decision?

No, the NASAD Bylaws require that the Executive Director carry on the official correspondence of the Association, including reporting Commission actions to institutions. Only the Commission can make the decision.

Why is our Commission Action Report copied to our President?

NASAD follows a protocol agreed to by all nationally recognized accrediting organizations.

How do I interpret a Commission Action Report?

The best way to interpret a Commission Action Report is to review the cited references to institutional materials in light of cited Handbook standards and guidelines. Please contact the National Office staff for assistance finding cited standards.

Further Information:

  • NASAD Handbook, Rules of Practice and Procedure, Article XI, “Publication of NASAD Accreditation Actions,” Article XII, “Printed Recognition of Membership,” and Article XIII “Disclosure and Confidentiality”