Professional Organization Affiliation

Professional Organization Affiliates are not-for-profit, national organizations representing individual professions in art, design, or art/design related disciplines. Professional organizations are:

  • National in scope and nationally representative of a field or fields in the visual arts and/or design;
  • Committed to the education of professionals in a professional field of art and/or design;
  • Operated by a duly elected voluntary board empowered to speak on behalf of its membership.

Further information regarding Professional Organization Affiliation may be found in the NASAD Handbook.

For a list of Professional Organization Affiliates, see the Directory Lists.

Dues and Fees

Professional Organization Affiliates are invoiced annually on the first day of July.

Professional Organization Affiliate dues for 2023-2024 are $500.00.

There is no application fee.

Become a Professional Organization Affiliate

Please contact the National Office for further information.