Consultative Services

NASAD offers three types of consultative services: 1) Consultative Visits, 2) Staff Consultation, and 3) Consultative Review by the Commission on Accreditation. Information on each is provided below.

Consultative Visits

NASAD offers the service of consultants to institutions considering issues such as accreditation (new applications, reaccreditation, initiation of new curricula, substantial changes to existing curricula), institutional development, internal reviews, facility and equipment reviews, and state reviews.

During preparation of first-time accreditation applications, institutions are strongly encouraged to consider a consultative visit by a trained NASAD consultant who is not a member of the NASAD staff. With regard to the application process, the two purposes of a consultative visit are to 1) provide an objective analysis of an institution’s program, and 2) make recommendations reflecting comparison with NASAD standards.

NASAD maintains a list of consultants and facilitates consultative services at the request of institutions. Institutions may utilize NASAD as a communication and financial vehicle to secure the services of a consultant; however, consultants work directly with institutions. Consultative advice does not necessarily indicate the position of the Association nor does it guarantee any specific outcome particularly regarding accredited membership. The recommendations of consultants are separate from evaluations of the on-site visit, and are therefore purely advisory in nature. Official action concerning membership is taken only after the NASAD Commission on Accreditation receives and acts upon a complete, documented application, including the report of official NASAD evaluators. It is NASAD policy that an individual who serves as consultant to an institution will not later be assigned as an official visiting evaluator in connection with an application for membership or renewal of membership.

Consultants work directly with institutions. NASAD facilitates the process by assisting institutions to secure consultative advice and by processing expense reimbursements. On-site consultative reviews are typically scheduled for and therefore billed by the day.

Consultative Visit Fees

Current consultative fees are as follows:

  1. Consultation fee: $800 for 1 day ($750 for the consultant, $50 National Office administrative fee); $1,550 for 2 days ($1,500 for the consultant, $50 National Office administrative fee); and $750 for each additional day.
  2. The consultant’s expenses (travel, meals, lodging, secretarial assistance, and so forth).

The institution is billed by NASAD, which in turn, reimburses the consultant. Although consultants work directly with institutions, due to the fact that NASAD serves as the financial intermediary and reimburses the consultant directly, NASAD will file appropriate tax forms with the IRS (i.e., Form 1099). The institution should not duplicate these filings for the consultant.

Further Information:

Staff Consultation

The NASAD National Office staff is available by phone at (703) 437-0700 weekdays from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET. The staff consults regularly at the request of art/design units engaged in the accreditation process.

There is no charge for staff consultation. However, travel-related expenses of staff associated with development and operation of joint visits, concurrent visits, custom self-studies, or similar services must be reimbursed by the institution. Please contact NASAD staff for more information.

Consultative Review by the Commission on Accreditation

Institutions wishing to have informal Commission feedback on potential future programs may correspond with the Commission through the consultative review process. Guidelines for this process are articulated in the document entitled NASAD Policies and Procedures for Reviews of New Curricula, which can be downloaded from the New Curricula section of the website.