Briefing Papers on Graphic Design

The following five papers were produced by AIGA, the professional association for design, and NASAD on issues of graphic design programs in higher education.

Degree Programs and Graphic Design: Purposes, Structures, and Results

Addresses two critical issues: relationships among various degree programs and professional preparation, and truth in advertising.

General Education and the Professional Study of Graphic Design

Addresses the role of general education courses in preparing students for the expanding domain of graphic design.

Making Choices About the Study of Graphic Design

Intended to help students consider the extent to which specific graphic design programs can accomplish their published goals and the clarity and accuracy of claims about career preparation.

Selecting and Supporting Graphic Design Faculty

Promotes thoughtful assessments of faculty qualifications to teach graphic design and of faculty effectiveness.

Technology Thresholds in Graphic Design Programs

Intended to facilitate and enrich assessments of technological resources and instruction in college and university graphic design programs.