Supplemental Annual Report

Annual Questionnaire for All Institutions of Higher Education Offering Postsecondary Programs for Which NASAD Could Serve as the Designated Institutional Accreditor

Due Annually by October 15

As stipulated by federal regulation in the Higher Education Act of 1965, NASAD is required to collect the information requested in an annual questionnaire referred to as a Supplemental Annual Report. The questionnaire is sent annually from the NASAD National Office to independent, free-standing institutions of higher education that offer professional education and training programs in art/design and for which NASAD could serve as the designated institutional accreditor. Such institutions may or may not have regional or other institutional accreditation. These institutions may be degree-granting or non-degree-granting; they may be not-for-profit or proprietary.

If an applicable institution does hold regional accreditation, it is the institution’s prerogative to choose and designate its institutional accreditor. If NASAD is your institutional accreditor, the entire questionnaire must be completed and returned to the National Office. If NASAD is not your institutional accreditor, only the top portion of the questionnaire and question number one must be filled out, and the questionnaire signed and returned to the National Office.

Each September, NASAD will forward notices of submission requirements to accredited institutional members via email. This email will include submission requirements, deadline, and location of the Supplemental Annual Report form (see link below to download).

Questions about the Supplemental Annual Report should be directed to Justin Medlen at the NASAD National Office at 703-437-0700, extension 115, or by email at

If requested by the NASAD Commission to submit the previous year’s Supplemental Annual Report, you may access the 2022 Supplemental Report.