Dues and Fees

There are three costs typically associated with the accreditation process. Details on each are provided below.

  1. Application Fees
  2. Expenses of the Visiting Evaluators
  3. Accredited Institutional Membership Dues (once an institution has gained accreditation)

Application Fees

Application fees for Institutional Membership are $500.00 for each of the first two evaluations. Application fees for each subsequent visit are $400.00 for institutions with graduate programs and $300.00 for all other institutions. All institutions are also responsible for reimbursement to the Association of expenses incurred by the visiting evaluators for each visit.

Application fees will be billed to member institutions during the month of August prior to each institution’s scheduled academic year of review. For instance, institutions scheduled for evaluation during the 2023-2024 academic year will be invoiced for application fees in August of 2023. Application fees are due and payable within 30 days. New potential member institutions scheduled for review during a specific academic year should forward the application fee along with copies of the Self-Study, supportive materials, and the application form. If the application fee is not paid prior to the evaluative visit, the Executive Director of NASAD may cancel or postpone the visitation.

Evaluator Expenses

The expenses of the evaluators depend on a number of circumstances such as the proximity of the evaluator to the campus being visited, airfares, overnight Saturday stays, hotel accommodations, etc. For budgeting purposes, $1,000 per evaluator would probably be a conservative estimate. NASAD requests that evaluators exercise care to ensure that expenses are reasonable and customary and that any out of the ordinary expenses expected to be incurred by an evaluator be discussed with the art/design executive at the earliest possible time. Art/design executives are encouraged to discuss expense details directly with evaluators prior to the on-site review.

Expense Reimbursement

The applicant institution is responsible for all expenses of the visiting evaluators for each visit. After the evaluation visit, NASAD receives expense forms from the visiting evaluators. The Association reimburses the evaluators and in turn sends invoices with itemized receipt copies to the applicant institution for each of the evaluators. These invoices should be paid by the institution within 30 days. If there are any outstanding expense reimbursement invoices, the Executive Director may place the applicant institution on the Commission agenda for nonpayment of the invoices. Institutions requiring special billing procedures are asked to inform the NASAD National Office in advance.

Federal Identification Number

The NASAD Federal Identification Number is 23-7358733.

Accredited Institutional Membership Dues

Annual dues for institutional members are scaled according to the number of FTE (full-time equivalent) students served by the accredited art/design unit(s): (1) 1-200 FTE, (2) 201-400 FTE, (3) 401-600 FTE, (4) 601-800 FTE, and (5) 801+ FTE.

From the base of the previous year, the dues in each category will rise consistent with the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI) plus two percent. However, upon recommendation from the Treasurer after consultation with the Finance Committee, the Executive Committee shall have the power to set the dues no less than one percent below the HEPI and no more than two percent above the HEPI.

Accredited institutional members are invoiced annually on the first day of July. Click here to pay an invoice online.

Accredited Institutional Membership Dues for 2023-2024

1 – 200 FTE Students $1,806
201 – 400 FTE Students $2,107
401 – 600 FTE Students $2,417
601 – 800 FTE Students $2,708
Over 800 FTE Students $2,986