Delay in the Release of NASAD Procedures Documents

August 1, 2023

Delay in the Release of NASAD Procedures Documents

In October of 2022, NASAD announced its intention to conduct a comprehensive review of its suite of accreditation Procedures documents, which were last published in September 2016 and applicable through the 2023-2024 academic year.

This review includes the following NASAD publications: Procedures for Institutions; Instructions for Preparing Curricular Tables in the NASAD Format; Procedures for the Self-Study Document: Format A; Procedures for the Self-Study Document: Format B; Procedures for the Self-Study Document: Format C; Optional Supplemental Questions for Self-Study; Policies and Procedures for Reviews of New Curricula; and Procedures for Visiting Evaluators.

Consultation from a broad range of individuals was requested; constructive and thoughtful feedback has been received.

Although the review has been completed, given the breadth of this project coupled with the Association’s ongoing work to re-platform the HEADS project, and design and implement software which will enable the collection of accreditation materials electronically, the release date for the NASAD procedures documents has been extended to September 2024. We ask please that accredited institutional members and potential members continue to use the September 2016 edition of the documents, which may be found on the NASAD website and which now are in force through the 2024-2025 academic year.

As always, feedback is welcome. Comments pertaining to the documents above, and any questions that may arise, may be sent to Jenny Rebecca G. Kuhlmann, Management Associate for Communications and Publications, at

We thank you for your assistance and offer deepest appreciation for your patience as we work to complete these projects.