Changes in NASAD Leadership

March 7, 2023

President Sally McRorie has advised NASAD that she must resign from the presidency of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design due to ongoing health-related issues. It is with a heavy but understanding heart that NASAD accepted this resignation effective March 6, 2023.

Consistent with Article III., Section 2.B. of the Bylaws (see NASAD Handbook 2022-23), Vice President Greg Watts will “…immediately become the President and shall serve as such and shall exercise all the powers and authority of the President…” Specific duties of the President may be found within Article III., Section 2.A. of the Bylaws (see NASAD Handbook 2022-23). President Watts will complete the existing term of the office of the President, which extends through the 2023 NASAD Annual Meeting in October. At the conclusion of the 2023 Annual Meeting, consistent with provisions of the Bylaws, President Watts will commence his full three-year term of office (see NASAD Handbook 2022-23, Bylaws, Article III., Section 2.B.).

NASAD extends its deepest appreciation to President McRorie for her years of thoughtful and dedicated service to NASAD, its members, and their students. President McRorie will remain in our thoughts. NASAD extends all best wishes to President McRorie for her good health.

The office of Vice President, vacated by the succession of the Vice President to the office of President, will be filled by election as guided by the provisions of Article VI. of the NASAD Bylaws (see NASAD Handbook 2022-23) during the business meeting of the Association to be held during the October 2023 Annual Meeting.

Any questions concerning this matter should be directed to the Office of the Executive Director.

Thank you.