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Minneapolis College of Art and Design

2501 Stevens Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404.
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A free-standing college of art and design.

Date of Initial Accreditation: 10/1/1948
Year of Most Recent Comprehensive Review: 2018
Academic Year of Next Scheduled Comprehensive Review: 2027-2028

Degree-Granting, Non-Degree-Granting, Charter Member, HLC, Not-for-Profit, Private.


Eleanor Fuchs, Director of Accreditation and Assessment
Telephone: (612) 874-3507

Degree and Program Listing

Bachelor of Science-4 years: Entrepreneurial Studies.
Bachelor of Fine Arts-4 years: Animation; Comic Art; Film; Fine Arts Studio; Furniture; Graphic Design; Illustration; Photography; Print/Paper/Book; Sculpture; Web and Multimedia Environments.
Master of Arts (Distance Learning)-2 years: Sustainable Design.
Master of Fine Arts-2 years: Visual Studies.
♦ Continuing Education.
Bachelor of Fine Arts-4 years: Drawing and Painting; Product Design.
Master of Arts (Distance Learning)-15 months: Creative Leadership.
Master of Arts (Distance Learning)-1 year: Graphic and Web Design.